Who Am I?

When I was younger, I never liked my name. I thought it’s a bit long  and no one calls me Jen. Jennifer does not sound cool when my parents or playmates  are not pronouncing it properly. F becomes a P, and R becomes arrrrr. After college, I introduce myself as Jen or Jenny. New acquaintances liked it, then I’m happy.

I have varied interests which is why I decided to create this blog site. It is now 2:34 AM Philippine Time. I cannot sleep, browsing Pinterest, checking blogs on how to make money outside a day job. Right now, I am Jobless Jen. There’s a long story behind it but I can tell the story little by little. I just feel like telling a little something about myself before I share my thoughts later on.

I chose three different pictures of myself to say hello. These selfies summarize the highlights of my 2015. So hello, better days are coming. 🙂



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